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About Lagoon Valley

Lagoon Valley – a master-plan, sustainable community in Vacaville, offers a visionary community blending sustainability with modern living. From a new 71-acre Wetland Park and direct access to local organic food, to advanced environmental practices and safe, connected neighborhoods, discover a place where eco-conscious design meets everyday convenience and quality of life.

Residents will enjoy the following
climate-conscious features:

  • A new 71-acre Wetland Park created for wildlife and plant habitat adjacent to the 400-acre Lagoon Valley Park
  • Direct access to local organic food, which will be managed by a Community Supported Agricultural Foundation
  • Reduced impervious surfaces to minimize heat sink effects, increased tree planting coverage and canopies for shading and reduced energy demand in summer heat
  • Enhanced photovoltaic solar to reduce demands on conventional energy sources
  • 14 distinct neighborhoods include safe, walkable and bikeable connectivity to each other, parks, and Town Center
  • Multiple Emergency Vehicle access routes and wildfire prevention buffer areas surround all neighborhoods
  • Improved hydrological function through a series of storm water detention basins that help clean and store water to prevent downstream flooding
  • Live-work-play land uses are strategically tethered to offer reduced commutes, provide locally-oriented goods and services, and access to recreational areas
  • New homes, offices, and common area structures designed using sustainable principles of energy efficiencies, including raw water use, and grey water reclamation to minimize water consumption for irrigation purposes
  • Significant contribution to the Solano Land Trust for the acquisition and protection of additional lands outside of Lagoon Valley

Five Sustainable Community Principles

Local organic agriculture

Renewable resource energy savings

Community education for social and ecological wellness

Diverse, green homes for a broad range of needs

A live-work lifestyle that encourages reduced commutes

Building New Homes
with a Sustainable Future


Coming Fall, 2024, new homes at Lagoon Valley in Vacaville, CA, will be within close proximity to many popular local destinations.


Napa: 25 miles
Sacramento: 36 miles
Walnut Creek: 37 miles
San Francisco: 55 miles
Silicon Valley: 83 miles
Tahoe: 140 miles

Lagoon Valley


Lagoon Valley includes sustainable design principles embedded throughout the community, including a focus on preserving ecologically and culturally valuable lands; neighborhood design that maximizes linkages among people and open space; protection and preservation of land and natural resources by clustering housing and infrastructure so neighborhoods sit lightly in the valley; restoration and maintenance of open space and natural features, including a community farm and gardens; protection of viewsheds; beneficial use of open space for functional needs including storm water management, flood mitigation, and passive and active recreation; and green building principles conserving energy and water resources.

The Park’s 400 acres is fully protected and expanded by the addition of 71 acres of public wetland park; improved by a $7,000,000 contribution from the Lagoon Valley developers, in addition to a substantial annual maintenance contribution by Lagoon Valley’s homeowners.

All of the 1,400 hillside acres surrounding the community remain protected and preserved for public hiking, biking, and running access.

Superior quality of diverse homes and amenities in a sustainable, mixed use community with jobs/housing balance; active and passive recreational opportunities including golf; new fully equipped and staffed fire station; community assessments to pay for police, fire, and park maintenance services; storm runoff filtering and detention system reducing downstream flooding; over 100 acres of additional public open space including permanent conservation corridors.

The Lagoon Valley community has been designed to avoid disturbance of environmentally sensitive areas. All environmental impacts are mitigated on site through the establishment of land conservancies to manage mitigation areas in perpetuity.

Lagoon Valley was originally approved by the City of Vacaville in 1991, and again in 2005, which reduced the buildable square footage of the project by 60% and increased public open space to be dedicated/conveyed by the project from approximately 1,200 to over 1,320 acres. Agreements permit development to start as late as 2028. Current plans are to commence construction in the Summer of 2021, well within allowable time frames.

The Lagoon Valley community was designed to provide defensible perimeter space within public and private land, including multiple evacuation routes and 2.5 million gallons of new water storage in Vacaville’s open space, in addition to a new fully staffed and equipped fire station.

All homes to be constructed in the community will exceed California energy-saving mandates, including increased solar photovoltaic and battery storage options and homes will include grey water recycling system options to reduce home potable water consumption by up to 50%.

Anticipate approximately 200-225 homes per year will be constructed and sold in multiple neighborhoods. One of the many features of Lagoon Valley is its high degree of diversity and segmentation between neighborhoods. Homes will be built as small as 1,500 square feet, up to well over 4,000 square feet, and everything in between. Completion is estimated to be 2027-28.

Yes, a full-size permanent fire station will be built and equipped in Lagoon Valley. Additionally, Vacaville’s fire department has required multiple points of evacuation ingress and egress, along with extensive perimeter fire protection using Emergency Vehicle Access roadways.

The community is designed to include three distinct villages. Village 1 includes both residential and business village uses, along with the Town Center and the Village Green park, and it will be a public village with predominately public streets. Villages 2 and 3 are both private, gated residential villages with private streets.

The golf course can be operated as public, private, or semi-private. A determination about operational format will be made approximately 1 year before the course opens for play. Regardless of that determination, public play will be allowed on 26 Mondays annually at a minimum.

The neighborhood-serving retail is anticipated to include a small grocery market, restaurants, coffee/bakery, and service providers such as child care, fitness, cleaners, and possibly a small branch bank.


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