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Lagoon Valley’s Visitors Center Opens This Spring

The Conservation Community known as Lagoon Valley is so unique from other communities, it stands to reason that its Visitors Center will also differentiate itself from everywhere else.


Unlike conventional neighborhoods, before anyone tours and receives information about various home models, your host will be available to answer questions and impart important information to guests about the wonderfully sustainable Lagoon Valley lifestyle.

While Lagoon Valley’s 14 distinctive neighborhoods feature a wide variety of exquisitely designed and well-appointed homes in a multitude of sizes, designs, and price points, the experience of getting to tour and purchase a home at Lagoon Valley will be significantly enhanced for all who begin with a visit to the Visitor’s Center.


The Center itself, conveniently located on Mount Royal Road and Lagoon Valley Boulevard, includes state-of-the-art technology to assist guests with a pictorial overview of the Bay Area’s first Conservation Community and its commitment to 85% open space and recreational land. In the Visitor’s Center, you will take a virtual tour of Lagoon Valley and experience both a bird’s eye flight as well as a pedestrian-level virtual tour of the community’s vision.

There is so much to see and learn about this live-work-play conservation community, including how it reduces its ecological footprint and emphasizes wellness and safety, whilst offering an array of incomparable amenities and reducing vehicular traffic.


The Visitor Center entry itself pays homage to the Lagoon Valley Organic Farm, with both edible and lush landscaping. Once inside, an interactive topo table invites guests to get a feel for the many special places in the community. And a 5-minute stop at the virtual tour screening room is sure to become a cinematic highlight for most visitors.


Guests will take a virtual walk through the Event Center with its restaurant/banquet facility, its swimming complex, sports courts, and fitness area. Fly over the Farm and see its unique farm stand barn with spaces for educational school tours, the vibrant Town Center with neighborhood shops and its public plaza, various residential neighborhoods, hundreds of acres of active and passive parks – filled with play fields for all manner of sports and quiet spaces for meditative strolls and birdwatching, the Audubon Sanctuary golf course, and those gorgeous open spaces.

There will even be a small library stocked with books supporting themes of sustainable development, ecological literacy, and the 3 R’s – reduce, recycle, repurpose. Awareness and stewardship of biological resources is a community principle that thrives in this place.

You will learn that Lagoon Valley is one of only a handful of conservation communities in the country that fully mitigates its biological impacts on-site, resulting in preservation and enhancement of biodiversity over 1,300 protected acres. Gently accessible trails meander throughout its hillsides. In addition, hundreds of acres of conservation areas feature native riparian trees and shrubs, rare plant seed mixes, and even a 70-acre Wetland Preserve enhanced with habitat for the Elderberry Longhorn Beetle.

One aspect of neighborhood sustainability that makes Lagoon Valley so uniquely special is its commitment to conservation of resources. Solar capture and storage for energy efficiency prevails, but also check out builder’s designs that pre-pipe homes for greywater reclamation – sustainably enabling homeowners to reduce or eliminate potable water irrigation for the landscaped front and rear yards.

Visitor Center hosts will enjoy talking about Lagoon Valley’s extraordinary commitment to wildfire and storm water flood protection – two subjects that are often afterthoughts in conventional neighborhoods but are front-and-center in this defensible community. The championship golf course makes this all possible, combining an amazing round of golf with its Robert Trent Jones II design to preserve habitat, buffer the open space, mitigate flood potential, and integrate emergency vehicle access for first responders.

Also, ask about the on-site community full-service 24/7 fire station, the private and secure traffic-calmed streets that defy comparison and harken back to what great neighborhoods used to be like -when kids could bike to adjacent parks and pedestrian access was paramount. Another must-see is Lagoon Valley’s vision to provide each neighborhood with its own spectacular plant palette of street and ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers, and street furniture.

You will also find that the community is surrounded by nearby cultural, educational, and entertainment areas, an Amtrak train station less than 10 minutes away, and Napa Valley, San Francisco, and Sacramento all within easy access. Your visit to Lagoon Valley begins at the Visitors Center and, for a lucky few, results in home ownership unlike anything else.

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