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Supporting Vacaville’s public art program with Lagoona

On Thursday, September 28th, the Journey Downtown Theater was filled with local artists, community members, and sponsors celebrating the unveiling of six life-size fiberglass cow sculptures. Over the past three months, these cows were painted to reflect some of the treasured cultural and environmental elements of the Vacaville region. Adorned with wild flowers, farmscapes, abstract designs, and one with a pilot’s cap on its head, these cows truly showcase why Vacaville is “Cow Town.”

Our cow, Lagoona, was designed by local artist Cristi Baron who tapped into her memories of bright orange poppies in Lagoon Valley Park. “I love using the colors found in our local landscape. I imagine native flora and fauna as a colorful landscape reflecting the importance of cows as a vital part of our agricultural community,” says Cristie.

She comments that the spectacular open space and scenic lakefront depicted on Lagoona are “frequently seen when stopping to take in the beauty that surrounds us.” As a conservation community devoted to protecting the “rolling green hills splattered with wildflowers,” we are thrilled to have supported the Vacaville art community with participation in this fun and unique project.

As Northern California’s newest master plan community, it is an essential part of the plan for Lagoon Valley to provide more opportunities and introduce new amenities to the city of Vacaville. The preserved open space will highlight the beloved rolling hillsides and the native wildflowers that adorn them. With creative approaches to supporting local initiatives, small businesses and growing communities, we are so glad to be part of the vibrant community of Vacaville. Without support from these community members, Lagoon Valley would be nothing more than a fantastic idea.

As progress continues on the Lagoon Valley site, ideas have begun to percolate about the community that will be created in this space. Will it be full of local businesses, local retailers and residents who enjoy recreation in the natural environment? We’re planning on it. Which is why Lagoon Valley is committed to providing exciting amenities for local residents that are unique to the area. From an organic farm to 42 pickleball courts and an Event Center for gatherings, Lagoon Valley will be the inspired and accessible destination for all things live, work, and play.

Lagoona’s future home, the Lagoon Valley Visitors Center, is taking shape and preparing to welcome guests in the new year with an interactive topography map that invites viewers to engage with the natural surroundings and envision all that is soon to come. As the first stop for all newcomers, Lagoona will be a welcoming beacon to all who wish to explore the acres of possibility in our Lagoon Valley.

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