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The Built Environment- Comstock Magazine

The March issue of Comstock Magazine article “The Built Environment” discusses the topic of builders becoming more aware of how their practices affect the environment. Builders are making efforts to minimize their footprint. In this article Curt Johansen, Lagoon Valley’s Development Director gives insight into Lagoon Valley and what it has to offer in sustainable place-making and building.

Lagoon Valley is the first conservation community in Northern California. When completed, Lagoon Valley will cover 2,400 acres, with 70 percent of that land dedicated to open space and recreation. The development will feature more than 1,000 homes, a full-service three-bay fire station, and a gold course that will function partly as a fire buffer.

“Lagoon Valley, while it prioritizes open space and recreational pursuits, also has a multifaceted component to it which is place-making from the Main Street, with apartments above retail surrounded by commercial development. Residents can live, work, and recreate without leaving their community,” Johansen says. 

We are passionate about conservation communities, sustainability features, and creating jobs right where people live. The demand is clear — that over 1,500 people are currently on the waitlist to move into Lagoon Valley.

To read the full article click here and turn to page 112. 

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